Sunday, April 24, 2016

World War 2 Rocketeer Helmet

Redesign of the iconic Rocketeer helmet for my 3D Fundamentals 2 class at Art Center. 

Had a lot of fun working on this project and I'm very gracious and proud that it was chosen for Art Center's student gallery. Big thanks to my teachers for helping me get the best finish possible.

Thumbnails and sketches for my design. The story was that during WW2, the US Air Force used the rocket fueled jetpacks for warfare, and they manufactured helmets for the pilots manning the jetpacks.  
Before I began constructing the helmet, I wanted to keep the Art Deco design language of the original Rocketeer such as the prominent fin going over the head, and leading lines of brass metal going over the form. The design felt a little too fanciful and not mass-manufactured especially during the war effort of WW2 where resources were being salvaged from everywhere.

Over the course of making my helmet my design changed tremendously, but I still wanted to keep the same feeling and mood that my initial concept had.  

quick illustration showcasing the helmet